what has happend to the 10.0.60 update

as the title says or are we of no importance now 10.5 is out although from what I see on here all is not going well in cubase 10.5 land

I think sometime this coming week - maybe. But it’s coming. They have been occupied with hotfixing the complete failures on mac with 10.5 and catalina. That is going to take priority.

I’m pretty sure, 0.60 out at end of February

How long do they usually support previous versions for? Is it just a couple of minor bug fixes? Or compatibility updates? Just interested as a new user.

Usually two updates for previous version after the date of new release.

Usually 5-6 updates.
as i remember from C8.0 always 0.50 last version


maybe tomorrow?

There’s usually one more maintenance update for the previous version, after a new major version is out. Usually it comes in February.
(The previous answers to this question are wrong.)

Due to the additional unplanned work we had to do for Cubase 10.5.x, the update is postponed. I have no exact release date yet unfortunately.

Understandable, thanks for letting us know.

It appears we are of no importance now

Cuts deep :’-(

A little overly dramatic. You’re not of - no - importance, just not as important for fairly logical reasons.

If it were so, you would never get a 10.0.60 at all. They need to prioritize things, of course. It will come when time allows.