What have I done again....?!?

Unfortunately, I don’t know what I did wrong again. I suddenly have this red bar in the notation. What is it trying to tell me? What is the magic word I can use to search for this red bar in the documentation?

Anyway, if I now enter lyrics at this point, the input marker does not jump to the next note when I press the space bar, but to the next page… I don’t know if this has anything to do with each other…
Have I probably pressed some hidden keyboard shortcut at an inopportune time, which then conjured up some (invisible…) section changes for me???
Thanks for any clarification


Perhaps show voice colours and check that the notes you’re starting to add lyrics to are in the same voice as the next notes you want to add lyrics to. The lyrics popover advances through notes in the same voice.


Searching “red bar” should bring up some relevant results, although annoyingly it’s a few topics down the first page.

Hey, thanks a lot! You are really helped here :wink:
And then also sooo fast!