What I expect from 7.0.5 and 7.5

Here’s what I expect from Cubase 7.0.5:

-An ultimate fix for the mixer glitches (sizing issue ect)
-A fix for the various crash that now occurs when closing Cubase
-An option for the MCU or other controller jogwheel speed (select the speed and select between zoom relative or not)
-A fix for the Fader group buttons on the MCU
-A fix for the MCU Jogwheel not always sniping to grid
-A “Pause” command that would be assignable as a key command
-More key commands for mixconsole
-more color customization
-A fix for the plugins that hides behind the full screen mixer
-A single click on plugin to bring them to front instead of double click
-When a plugin is in front, the plugin cell will be a different color so we know what plugin we are tweaking

What I expect from Cubase 7.5

-seperate undo and redo on the mixconsole
-undo and redo on all plugins
-Global mixer settings (or mixer settings saved in workspaces)
-the possibility to move tracks/channels in mixconsole
-A simple and effective plugin editor
-An update of groove agent one?
-Better transient detection and tempo detection
-a fast and easy way to bounce vsti without the need to export and import in project or routing the vsti output to a track and recording.
-better and more flexible I/O configuration (no limits on headphone mixes ect)
-Some visibility enhancement (as always)
-Remote control editor can now be assignable to any midi device
-a Mono/Stereo Switch on all channels
-An enhanced hub that will allow to search project with a search bar, to assign stars and to filter acording to creation or modification date (like in the media bay)
-The ability to share presets and templates between users in the hub

Those tweaks would make me more than happy :smiley:

I would like to see “PING” for external effects fixed…

-A fix for the plugins that hides behind the full screen mixer
This behavior is really annoying…

-undo and redo on all plugins
There are some third party plugins that have undo/redo built inside. I don’t know if Steinberg can control that, but there is a workaround: use the A/B function.

What MUST have Ctrl+Z, and doesn’t have:

  • MixConsole
  • Steinberg plugins
  • MediaBay edits

I would like quick controls able to control several parameters at once with one slider, and being able to adjust the depth of the control for each parameters, like in ableton live.

  • Plugin manager
  • Drag and drop for all kinds of stuff
  • FX channel presets
  • Opening of Cubase projects in some kind of browser to extract stuff via drag and drop (Studio One style)
  • A fix for the delayed notes when using ASIO guard
  • ASIO guard options (buffer size!)
  • “in place” VSTi rendering

you want a machine that goes PING ???

more fixes in .0.5 and new gadgets in 0.5 me thinks :wink:

A VST-SDK with chord track information so third parties can start to do some cool plugins.

Also in 7.0.5, the fix for the file corruption that many people seems to get after updating to 7.0.4 !
its mega important!

I don’t know what “PING” does. But I want to Cubase 7 not freeze, crash or stop sound, after insert external FX.

VCA Subgroups - will this be implemented soon please.

  • The ability to assign one track to multiple busses. This is such a basic thing and the way you have to work around to get it in Cubase is really awkward.

Automation nodes always visible.

Can we please, for the love of all things 2013 tech,
-Have Beat Designer with a VST3 wrapper that has an always on top at least!!!

Not asking for much

Really? You don’t know? I guess I forget that maybe some people were not around here before external inserts were added as a new feature.

“Ping” was a word we used when talking about Cubase sending a signal through external FX to measure the latency. That way, this latency could be compensated for.

Currently, external effect latency compensation does not seem to be working (Cubase 7.0.4 here).

I guess we’ll put in out pet peeves now… for me, no question:


I’ll be on 7.0.2 til version 8 otherwise, which has the far more practical truncating of names as a “bug”. Funny old world.


mix console gfx funnies
edit: I also notice the name shortening is terribad
turn chord track follow off after use by default (leaving in on is not right IMO)

more plugins
64bit rewire
better midi recording with average drivers (some cases other DAW suffer considerably less midi performance)
dynamic freezing (logic I think)
better routing of internal signal eg. recording the mixer
undo/redo mixer and plugins
render vsti/rewire in place

Hm, 64 bit rewire already works, doesn’t it?

My take!
* Undo and Redo for MixConsole, Plug-ins and VSTi’s

  • “More key commands (for mixconsole)”
  • “Global mixer settings (or mixer settings saved in workspaces)”
  • “would like quick controls able to control several parameters at once with one slider…”
  • Have the ChordTrack visible when entering in Midi-editing mode of an midi-instrument or variaudio
  • AudioWarp syncable over multiple tracks - for phase conservation between ex. mic- and di-track**

Mute button in audio Editor. nice easy one! :smiley:

OK … gonna paste mine here, as well :

  • Bring back a visible cue for opened Plugin GUIs
  • Let us see all send levels at once, again
  • Make all text and numbers readable, again ( contrast is often too low, currently )
  • Make different functions look different again ( e.g.: channel gain, phase, etc. )
  • Give us back switches for often used functions ( e.g.: sends pre/post )
  • Give us back fast workflow, by reducing the unessesary multiple double clicking
  • Bring back the old play cursor
  • Make (small) changes on the channel gain visibel, again

and urgently needed :

  • let us export and load mixer settings