What I like about 9.5.

Steinberg, I must give you a hearty handshake for your efforts in 9.5. There are still lingering important issues with the general interface, CPU use, and other things that need to be addressed, but I want to be positive and tell you what’s working great for me:

  1. Bezier curves. Fantastic. I know that it’s coming to the MIDI Editors, too, and that will be insanely amazing - it will be a lifesaver for composers like me who use expression like crazy.
  2. Automation trim. This is fantastic and at the same time also really needs a precise dB readout to tell how much it is being changed (a la Pro Tools, Studio One, and others), which is essential for mixing - I bet/hope this will come in a maintenance update.
  3. GUI - On Mac it’s pretty damn snappy now, thank you for getting to this! Let’s keep that refinement going. Also, many things in the mixer are clearer visually. Well done.
  4. DOP - This is great, once I wrapped my head around it. It can use refining, does have some issues, but it’s a great idea and works pretty well.
  5. More inserts - Awesome. Nothing to complain about that, aside from some little fixes that need to be made graphically.
  6. Zones - Good. Pretty well-implemented, generally speaking.
  7. Dragging MIDI into sampler track. Awesome. Now we need that ability for regular audio tracks – being able to drag a little section of a MIDI track into an audio track and have it render instantly would be a game-changer for me.
  8. Lots of little things here and there that are welcome, and that I don’t have the time to write out.

Thank you again for really listening for this release, and I hope to stay a faithful Cubase user with updates in the future that tackle existing issues like C9.5 did for some longstanding ones. It’s not perfect (nothing ever is!), but it’s a really great release. I’m also very happy that almost no unnecessary new features were added (in my opinion) but rather the focus was on making what’s there much better. Really well done, let’s keep that going.

Glad to know that the gui is Snapy for you now!

I don’t understand what you mean by this. What would you render by dragging midi to a audio track?

The sampler uses a wave file, not midi file. When you drag a midi track to a sampler track, it is now converted to a wave file automatically. You used to have to do this yourself, so this is a timesaving feature.

Yes I understand dragging onto sampler track but why onto a audio file. In 99% of cases you can’t use normal audio as a sampler source unless it’s properly trimmed, normalized, loop points applied etc. It would result in audio which is incoherent/senseless.

I think better is having the ability to select the destination track for render in place. Then create a key command for render in place with current settings and select your destination audio track. Presto…it renders with current settings to selected track.
Having said that…if dragging a midi clip to a specified audio track would use " render with current settings " that would be an equal bonus :slight_smile:

This is a really important one.! Really hope SB made a note of this request. (and to be clear, you’re talking about a ToolTip readout, not a horrible ‘InfoLine’ only thing; current value AND amount of change are needed to be displayed together).

THIS… my Steinberg friends… should be a no-brainer!

That would be great indeed, both of those ideas.

Yes, a ToolTip readout – the info line would be the very wrong choice for this. Little things like this would push Cubase further into the “pro” world. I don’t know any professional mixer or composer/producer who also mixes (including myself) that doesn’t need instant precise readouts of how much they’re adjusting automation in this way. It really does get in the way, though this new trim tool is a big step in the right direction.

I’m not talking about using it as a sampler source – I’m talking about a Render In Place way of doing this by simply by dragging a MIDI part into a new or existing audio track and then doing what you please with it. Personally I rarely have use for the Sampler track and would rather cut/mangle/edit the audio of a MIDI part myself. If there were tails on the piece you would simply extend the MIDI part out before dragging, or maybe have a setting that takes that into account.

For me the important fix to automation trim would be the ability to shift-click and get the same resolution as in MixConsole (.01 dB). ToolTip would be nice, but I can deal with the info line.


Just discovered you can now bind a key command to name tracks!! look for ‘rename first selected track’ in key commands!!

Sounds dumb but having the MediaBay in the Right Zone is what has made it become way more useful for me now. Being able to set up the view and filter columns, and select a handful of track presets, drag them into the project to instantiate them all in the one unified project window - brilliant.

Just needs a bit of TLC now:

  • Let us show/hide the preview and keyboard at the bottom of the RZ MediaBay
  • Have the last-used MediaBay view stay persistent between project loads / app launches. Having to drill back into the view I had before is fairly annoying. At least have the current view saved in the project file, please.
  • As an added feature, it would be awesome to be able to drag and drop track(s) from your project into the RZ MediaBay and have track presets created for them automatically.

On top of the ever-present:

  • Make each Lower Zone and Right Zone tab remember its height/width. I want the MediaBay to be wide, but the CR / Meter tab to be narrow. Manually resizing them every time I switch tabs is ridiculous. Maybe a solution is to enable a “pin” button that lets you pin the size of the zones which would make everyone happy, being able to choose the preferred behavior.

Off to the feature request forum…

99% of trimming and loop points in these cases i would do inside the sampler track. It had bezier curves for a long time.

+1 for the selected area can be dropped to sampler track.