What I'd like to see in a future (6) version of Cubase

I do dig the control room diagram but it doesn’t do anything other than display what’s going on in that part of the “studio”.

In future I think something like this should be implemented for the bussing architecture from the mixer at least (audio/inst/groups/fx) and show the output busses so you don’t need to select from lists in VST Connections.

At some later stage we could delve deeper into the “diagram” and patch VST effects etc without needing to resort to lists in the project page.

Any takers?

reminds me of the environment concept in Logic


I’ve not used Logic (except when it was Emagic) but have read the manual so I could help a friend and now that I’ve mastered cubase fairly well I am hoping for more ease of use features in the future as this is the direction I personally would like Steinberg to take, as the fundamentals are there but ease of use is certainly not, at least in my view.