What if my Direct moniting is way different from Daw moniting?

Im using window 10, and I have tried reapper ,cubase 5, cubase 8.5, have tried both desktop and laptop

have tried lynx hilo and axe io converters.

when I plug my guitar into the instrument input on axe io interface, and switch to direct monitor, I could hear a very beautiful guitar signal in my headphone.

while I open my Daw and without any fx, I thought the clean Di would sound the same. but Im wrong, the Signal in Daw is awful, dynamic and frquency are destroyed in a audible way. no cliping its not volume related, distorted in a digital way.

because there is a switch on the converter I could go back and forth between the direct monitor and daw monitor. So I 100% sure I hear the problem

and all play and listen to music through interface is without any issue.

I doubt something is wrong with my daw or computer or the connection with converter?do you have any experience

no this issue on my mac with same converter