What if you accidentally hit "Don't save"?

Is there a way to restore your work? Because when you hit “Don’t save” all autosaves from this session are deleted as well.

That seems like a weird implementation if that is the case, BAK files I thought were there either case.

It would be some software to recover deleted stuff then, I guess.
If you don’t do other saves of anything in between on that disk, install on another disk if getting such software.

I always wished for pc to get a proper undelete system, like when I worked with Novell servers - they knew how this should work.
You can set certain time limit before same sectors are used again, and similar. And keep full restore ability - like recycle bin but works transparent in software does not need to know about it.

I think there are third party products like that for pc too. But better for performance if built into file system from start.

When you hit the “Don’t Save” was this the first save after creating a new project or was it for an existing project?

I ask because Cubase always deleted everything (even the project folder) if you did not save a new project at least once. That is why I have made it my standard work to always hit the save button immediately after creating a new project and the new project window opens.

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