what I'm doing wrong here?

  1. I have bought UR44. Wanted to install Cubase AI (as it’s offered in the package) but Steinberg download assistant jusr shows “You have to update…” message. Even when I update it, it shuts down. Then all over again the same thing (Btw my internet connection is fine)

  2. Ok, maybe is something wrong with that assistant, so i went to steinberg/download section link, there I did some registrasions and activations (but after that I could find only paches and updates (Cubase_LE_AI_Elements_9.5.30_Update_win) which implies that I must have some Cubase software installed at first (some basic version of it, I think Cubease AI) And, that’s where I get lost. I cannot find that basic Cubase to install first.

  3. I downloaded the update (Cubase_LE_AI_Elements_9.5.30_Update_win), and my question is, do they already include that basic DAW in it ? (and all I have to do now is just to install it) Or I must first download some basic Cubase AI? And if so WHERE from ? :slight_smile: :nerd:

Thank you


First you have to install Cubase LE/AI/Elements Full Installer. You can download Cubase Elements Trial. That’s the same installer. By your Cubase AI license you will change it to Cubase AI.