What Instruments Am I Using?

Dorico 4.3.20 on Win 11

I bought and installed NotePeformer. It appears to be selected in Preferences (first image); but it doesn’t seem to sound any better than the default instruments.

In Play mode (second image), it appears instruments are playing back using HALion and there does not seem to be a way to select NotePerformer. NP is not listed in the drop down.

What’s going on? Is there another step to enabling NotePerformer?

Thanks, --Konrad

Try Play menu ->Playback Template->Select Noteperformer->Apply and Close.


Thank you. That fixed it.

(I am not sure what it does to select it in Preferences, but selecting it in Play definitely resolved the problem.)

Oddly, now my strings keep playing tremolos after there are no more slashes, but I will figure that out–maybe I need to add ord. or something. :slight_smile:

Well, “Preferences” are just that - preferences for new things. :wink:

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