What interfaces support ASIO Direct Monitoring? PC

I’m looking for a new (pro as possible) interface that supports ASIO Direct Monitoring. -Outside of steinbergs offerings.

I was running a MOTU PCIe 424/2408 mk3 rig for over a decade, and never had any problem with ASIO Direct Monitoring working, but it recently started getting buggy, and I finally decided to upgrade to the Antelope Orion Studio that I’ve had my eye on, which I was told presale by Antelope supported ASIO DM, only to get it set up and have the box greyed out. After a lot of run around and contradicting answers from Antelope support (I never did get a straight answer), I’m giving up on it. Super cool piece of gear, and they preach perfect cross platform functionality, but like a lot of stuff these days, it’s clearly biased towards a Mac based DAW.

I tried working with jumping back and forth between cubase and their app, but after having ASIO DM for so long, and in a project studio setting where the control room and the live room are essentially the same room, it’s a real pain to have to not only switch back and forth between apps, but just remembering (or forgetting) to go back and open/close mics (since open mics and live monitors don’t mix, and all) when it could all happen automatically, (tape machine style or how ever) in Cubase with ASIO DM. Truely surprised that more interfaces aren’t supporting this, and I can’t imagine anyone that’s had it being able to live without it.

Any suggestions?

Any help is greatly appreciated

RME does this. I think.

Take a look at the new PreSonus Studio 192 and Studio 192 Mobile models to see if they have what you are looking for.
The software provided with these PreSonus models is designed to be used closely with the Studio One DAW software but, it can be used with Cubase too. I have the Studio 192 model but… I have not gotten into using the direct monitoring feature yet.

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Steinberg UR824?

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