What iPad to buy for Cubase IC Pro

Hi Everyone,

I have to buy an iPad to get to work with Cubase IC Pro. Should I go with an iPad 2 or iPad 3?
The iPad will solely be used for Cubase IC Pro.

Any advice will be highly appreciated! (I know nothing about iPads or apple in general).


Hi ishould wait untill connection prob’s are solved.
But after that, from ipad 3 you have higher resolution screen. from 3 and up its 2048 x 1536
ipad 1 and 2 are 1024 x 768…

Soley used?

That sounds like a lot of money to run a small remote control app. :slight_smile:

Tsjah is also correct - the connection problems have not gone away so IC Pro is not currently available in the iTunes store. At the moment, there does not appear to be any solution, or at least the app devs (whoever they are) are not exactly keeping us up to date.

Oh darn. I just noticed the connection problems. Bummer.

Thanks for the replies though.