What is a "DAC"?

I want to upgrade to Nuendo 11, but I don’t know what it means (DAC). Maybe this permit can’t be renewed? Thanks!

Hi menzoo! “DAC” stands for Download Access Code and this is what you should have received with the Nuendo order. There is nothing to renew as the license is stored permanently on the USB-eLicenser. All good if you ask me :wink:

Hi Ed! I must have asked the wrong question. The arming device includes this permission. I copied it from another lighter. Works with Nuendo 8. My question is if I can upgrade to Nuendo 11 if I buy an upgrade. Thanks for the help!

Yes, you can update that license.

It doesn’t matter that a Download Access Code was used to download/activate that license. When you have a license on the USB elicenser you can apply the update for that version. There are no “special licenses” with different rules.

It’s just that simple.