What is a fair price to resell cubase elements 8 & usb licenser at?

I want to sell my cubase elements 8, with USB licenser, but dont have a clue what a fair price for it is (I bought Cubase 11 Pro a few months back and use that now).

Can anyone give me rough ideas of what a fair price would be, and where I might sell it?


No more than 1/3 of the purchase price, I imagine. With Cubase 12 released, I wouldn’t even look at Cubase LE 8. Just saying.

I suppose the value is only in the 10-year-old elicenser hardware dongle, and how much can be saved buying your license for upgrading.

Maybe 15USD?

I’d guess the

Absolute theoretical maximum price = (cost of Cubase 12) - (cost to upgrade from Cubase 8)

I dont think you can upgrade from it, from what I saw. And I dont recall how much it cost me. But I do see that on ebay, ANY cubase versions are still quite costly. minimum £50 ($75?)…

Well, if you’re that certain of what your program is worth, there’s no point in asking for advice, right? Just sell the program.

No, Im asking here as I trust the breadth of knowledge of the users. So far only two have commented. Im seeking the view of a few people.

Give it to a friend :wink:

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Yes, its basically worthless at this point monetarily speaking

As a product on its own I’d agree.

But as an upgradable license it does have some value. Specifically it can be used to get $70 off the price of Elements 12 (full - $100) or $80 off of Pro 12 (full $580).

Now, no one would buy Elements 8 for $70 & then upgrade when for the exact same total cost they could go directly to 12. But if Elements 8 were sold for say $35 that might be a good enough deal to go through the hassle of using an upgrade path to get Elements 12 for $65 total.

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