What is a Good Bass vst to get a Paul McCartney Bass Sound?

What is a good bass vst to get a Paul McCartney bass sound? Particularly a Sgt. Pepper type bass sound like in A Day In The Life…

I have kontakt 4, so any library recommendations would be appreciated as well.

Spectrasonics Trilian is, IMO, the best.



I think it’s called “60’s Bass”




+4 :wink: .

I have to echo the others Trilian is the best bass vst I’ve heard. However ,also still a great altenative are the Scarbee basses. Unlike Trilian they’re very specific to one instrument.

You could basically buy Trilian and never look back as far as bass sound goes.

And no pun intended :wink: ?

I just bought Scarbee Pre Bass and the damn thing sounds just like a real Precision bass! It can also be run in the free Kontakt Player, that’s good value for your money for sure.


East-West Fab Four has a Ricky 4001 with very Paul-like articulations… It’s specifically what it was made to do!

It’s like asking for a Ringo drum sound though.

Do you want a Beatlemania sound? Rubber Soul? Psychedelic Pepper/Revolver? White Album? Abbey Road?

Each bass sound is entirely different between the albums. More importantly the playing techniques are. And heck, even within the albums the bass is all completely different (“Back in the USSR”, vs. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, vs. “Martha My Dear”, all on the White Album, e.g.)!

So which sound do you want? He’s so versatile, it might be an impossible question! :slight_smile:

I’ve heard of this radical new thing where people have pieces of wood with magnets attached and metal wires, and it’s plugged into a box which heats up, and after a while they can pluck the wires and sound comes out! I think it’s called something like “a bassist” or something like that … I have no idea where to get one though.


cheap and good sound, sometimes wavesfactory sample sets have a few install issues but for the most part they are excellent.

Funny, they call it a Hofner bass, and have three listening samples: Lady Madonna, Rain, Come Together. Thing is, I think he had given up the Hofner years before that, I could be wrong but I don’t think it was used on any of those songs.

He switched to a rickenbacker for most tracks on later albums but the hofner was still used and often his prefered guitar live. If its the riccy sound you’re after then scarbee’s rickenbacker bass VST is good.

Yes, lots of Ricky, and lots of Fender as well (Fender Jazz for Abbey Road?). Really, it’s hard to define one McCartney “sound”.