What is a great GFX card for Cubase Pro 9 (ATI not Nvidia)


Just wondering if someone can recommend me a decent ATI GFX card that supports multiple 4k Displays for a Mac Pro 5,1? I am currently using a non-flashed Nvidia GTX960 and I am getting all sorts of GUI Lag or sometimes crashes when I zoom into an event. The Project cursor jumps all over the places, dragging Midi Data becomes a real pain having to wait for things to catch up. I’m convinced it’s my current GFX card and I have to use the Nvidia Web Drivers. Any advice would be welcome. I think it’s time to move from Nvidia now. I also don’t mind buying a GFX card that is way over specc’ed. I won’t be playing games with it but if it means buying a ridiculously overkill card just to make things stable then so be it.



I’ve had good luck with an AMD Radeon R9 270 series in my system (Win10 PC). It’s several years old so I don’t think they make them anymore but I’m sure AMD has something newer that will work for you. I picked this one out because it’s quiet, doesn’t generate much heat, and handles multi monitor setups well.

You don’t need an over the top fancy GPU card if your just doing music on your system.

about GUI lags(Steinberg already working on it), and update GPU for Cubase, read this topic, there tons of usefull info, also how to right install Nvidia drivers - slow & not smooth GUI - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

if you want to update your GPU, i recommend you MSI 1050 Gaming x, because its completely silent if temperature less then 60°C (coolers wont start)

Thanks! I shall check out the link now!