What is a ring_db_dump please?

can anyone tell me please?

thanks, Kevin :slight_smile:

You don’t wanna know.
Trust me.

I have absolutely no idea… :wink:

yeah i think i’d give it ten minutes first myself! :wink:

:question: :question: :question: :confused: :confused: :confused:

keep getting it when I open a project…how scary is it then :astonished: :astonished:

or am I just being thick :exclamation: I hate computers :imp: :imp:
the obvious usually goes straight over my head. :confused: :confused:

I know it’s a text doc but why does it appear. :question:

I’ve got the same question ! That file didn’t appeared before last update, I think.

Nobody knows ?? Not even Steinberg people ?? :astonished:

I don’t think any Steinberg tech people ever look at this site… :frowning:

This makes me mad ! :smiling_imp:

Last time I asked something to Steinberg “support”, I had the answer one month later !! I don’t understand their policy.
After paying 300€ (299 !) for cubase update :exclamation: , I think next time, I’ll go to check for other daw.

I think their policy is we’ve got yer money so we don’y care anymore

during my many probs with Cubase I bought Mixbus 3 and have found it to be very good, it’s become my go to DAW.

yeah Cubase is a better DAW…when it works,
I can work with Mixbus 3 without problems.

best, Kevin


they do not get personal that is true, but you see them often enough replying on topics, even devs.
But if they show up it is probably not on working hours since i can understand that surfing is not something that is on the paylist.
The moderators are here to deal with us.

On topic: it is a weird thing. Looks like a message from SQL that a certain database is being copied to saveguard it. But it’s a guess.

kind regards,

Hi…so why hasn’t a moderator told us what ring_db_dump is ? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So why don’t they simply answer to the question of this topic ??

Edit : Ooops ! Sorry ! I just see you already asked what I asked ! :confused:

It’s very interresting ! I went to watch the video… Is the price really 79€ ??

I must say that I need a feature like variaudio or melodyne.
I tried Reaper for one full month but I didn’t felt comfortable at all. But Studio one or something like this would be good.

I saw that Mixbus has “Over 50 ‘MIDI filter’ plug-ins including functions such as transposing, velocity scaling, etc” What is this ? Is it some kind of cubase ‘transformer’ or ‘midi input’ or ‘logical editor’ feature ? Because like vari audio, I need that kind of feature.

If Mixbus would have something convenient like ‘vari audio’ or Melodyne + midi tweaking like ‘transformer’ or ‘midi input’ or ‘logical editor’ and it cost 79€, I buy it tomorrow !! And bye-bye Steinberg !

:slight_smile: maybe they also don’t know what it means
just tried googling it, and even google returned very few results.
that’s a rare event nowadays
so you certainly have something special at home it seems.
it might even be your computer is trying to tell you something :slight_smile:


I’ve never seen this one. But looks like an SQL error.

The only thing I could think of is to move the following files out of the Preferences folder (with Cubase closed, of course):

Start Cubase again. Still happening?

??? Were all those posts just deleted? Seriously?

jeez, yes it seems… :confused:
had no offence to any of you, and tx by the way for giving your deleted opinion.
if these are my last words to you all… i liked your answers…

kind regards,

I didn’t take anything you wrote personally. I actually took what you wrote as being light hearted and I was glad to read it! :slight_smile:

It’s a shame that this ghost moderator deleted all the comments that showed balance in the conversation. The forum needs signs of levity, not flat out comment deletion because that levity is what keeps things in perspective and reminds people that that their problems aren’t the end of the world.

In this particular thread, I witnessed Kevin’s upset turned to lightheartedness.Kevin shared that his system was indeed running better than it has been too. This was brought out by all of our comments. That was awesome.

Whoever the moderator was that deleted all the comments that showed to the birth and progerssion of perspective, I hope they read this and bare all that I write here in mind when they make their next choice of deleting a slew of comments without any warning and without taking responsibility for doing so.

Well, the deleted posts were all off topic and thus were deleted. And I don’t really understand how four letter words and that dog picture were supposed to contribute to the original question at all?

Anyway, topic locked because chances are small that this one will get back on track.