What is 'Advanced Agents' found in Visibility agents menu?

Screenshot 2021-01-18 230847

Advanced Agents… What does this option do? And how do I get it to work?

Project Logical Editor Visibility presets. There are supposed to be entries in the sub menu. If they’re not there you can grab them from the Application folder and copy them to the user settings folder. (this was supposed to happen during program install.)

No mention of your OS in the post or profile-- I’ll assume Win !0

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 11\Presets\Project Logical Editor\Visibility
%appdata%\Steinberg\Cubase 11_64\Presets\Project Logical Editor\Visibility

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Hey thank you so much! Yes sorry I didn’t update my profile since the move the new forum yes it’s windows 10, could you please explain what you mean by (this was supposed to happen during program install.)?

The Application folder has all the factory presets, and these are copied to the User Settings folder when the program is installed-- at least that’s what is supposed to happen. My sympathies and love to Beirut people. I hope you are doing better.

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Thank you so much for your kindness! Sending so much love back to you!

Is there anything else I should copy from the application folder?

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Not unless something is missing.

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Okay thank you Steve that was super helpful!