what is affecting my "performance load" ?

I now am scratching the 90% marker on my performance load.
I wonder if BYPASSED EQ are eating power. Or what about SENDS that are selected but not activated.
Are they too eating up power?
What about Groups.

I just like to tweak as good as I can to not hit the 100% mark :laughing:

Bypassed EQ being the built in EQ?
In this case it uses so little cpu…even across hundreds of tracks I see no significant movement in the ASIO meter if linking channels and adding EQ to all of them.

But if you mean 3rd party plugin EQ…you need to be aware that bypass does not stop processing power. You need to switch them off which is not the same.

Stuff like send or grouping will not be using anything significant. Allowing automatic hitpoint detection on every track or using live variaudio on multi tracks can start to build up a bit though.

Short answer… instruments and plugins are mostly affecting your performance load.

build-in EQ
Bypassing vs deactivating - I know :wink:

Thanks for your reply Grim