what is aftertouch CC

i want to use input transformer to send my MODWHEEL to the aftertouch of my D50
but i don’t know what CC is aftertouch … or is it a CC ?
cna you manage aftertouch in input transformer ?


(I presume you mean channel aftertouch, as opposed to, the much less common, polyphonic aftertouch (Poly Pressure)? )
Anyways, aftertouch is a separate MIDI command from CC# controllers (0-127).
To perform the task you seek, set the Input Transformer like this…

Upper section…
Type is___Equal___Controller___And
Value 1 (MIDI Controller number)___Equal___1

Lower section…
Value 1__Use Value 2
Type___Set to fixed value___Aftertouch

Function = “Transform”.

(and of course, don’t forget to switch on the current Input Transformer module :wink: )

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