What is condensing reset?

When I make a manual condensing change, and then later want to return to the default settings per my notation options, I choose “reset” from the bottom panel in the condensing change window. However, this never seems to have any effect. I’m not talking about the specific individual items above like how rests are handled, etc. I only mean the staff assignments.

I can of course manually reset the staff assignments, but if I have to do that then what does the “reset” button do?

The “reset” button does exactly that - resets the condensing to your default settings.

We’d have to see an example of what is happening for any more details. What is happening? What do you expect should happen? Can you upload a project, or at the very least, a screenshot and description?

By “default” do you literally mean the notation settings for the flow, or simply a start of a new “phrase” with whatever condensing settings were last manually defined? When I choose “reset”, literally nothing changes.

Nothing can change until the subsequent stave (presupposing you reset mid-stave).

‘Reset’ literally allows the default condensing settings to apply the next time dorico calculates a condensing change.

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.

Ticking the box in the left column of the Condensing Change dialog is enough to specify that a new phrase be started.

If you add a manual condensing reset (scrolling down to the bottom of the dialog) then this will put the settings back to your Notation Options.

Have you double checked that you’re resetting the correct instruments? Again, seeing the project would be very useful.

It must be the mid-staff thing. Now that it’s confirmed that it will reset to the defaults, I know that if it does not work it’s because of something going on in the score that’s interfering. Thank you.

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And with more experimentation, I now realize that condensing changes that involve adding or removing staves must occur at the start of a system to take effect (or will not go into effect until the start of the next system), while manual changes that do not involve adding or removing staves can occur at any point. This probably seems obvious to those of you who have done a lot of this, but when you’re first trying to figure it out, it really is not! I assumed since some changes will go into effect immediately, that changes involving adding or removing staves would force Dorico to add the staff from the beginning of the current system up to the point where the change is made. Not so, I guess!

If you want it at the beginning of the system, you’d need to place the condensing change there! In this case, it stands to reason that Dorico should not do something until you tell it to do it. Take for instance the case of having a condensing change at the beginning of the stave, and mid system. Do you really want the second condensing change to affect the first one?

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Dorico, being a sophisticated program, the “10,000-hour rule” is likely applicable to anyone who really wants to know the program inside and out.

“Part of mankind’s original sin is to see the world, not as it is, but as we are.”
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Of course this makes sense. It’s just one of those things that could use some clarification in the documentation and/or the videos that demonstrate the process. Perhaps it’s in there somewhere, but I haven’t come across it.

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