What is Cubase 12 Sound Engine

Cubase would not be my first choice in DJ software. There are specific apps out there for that and will do it WAY better than Cubase

You will be blasting the music into concrete walls most of the time. The sound quality really is a non issue to start

That’s the Ableton tartan - but new versions are much better, pretty much the same as Cubase.

Well, they implemented a different sample rate conversion algorithm, provided by SoX, I think.

Usually dithering is applied separately. This would be the first time I hear of a DAW which adds dither by itself? :thinking:
And you are right, before I was just looking at my smartphone screen…
Now on my big monitor I see, that Cubase indeed beats Logic and Reaper as well.

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Somewhere around this post the OP realizes they have drifted into the deep end of the pool


Just one last thing: People don’t edit your music videos in Adobe programs. I heard of it before, but this confirms it. DaVinci Resolve i.e. behaves much better in this regard according to a lot of people.

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This is a big can of worms…perhaps best left to another thread.

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I get the feeling this is one of those threads where the OP disappears and everyone else keeps rambling on about things the OP doesn’t or doesn’t care to understand.

To the lounge with you all !!!



thanks for your time romantique_tp

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