What is Cubase Pro / Artist 9.5 Media Pack?

Hi can anyone enlighten me as to what is in the Cubase Pro / Artist 9.5 Media Pack that is being offered for a special price as part of the Cubase Pro 9.5 upgrade option? :confused:

I wondered that as well when I purchased the update for C9.5 The thing I noticed is that it said does not include a licence, so I gave it a miss as buying something with no licence included seems to be pointless. Unless it was meant to mean no licence needed.
I would also like to know what the Media pack is.


It includes the Installation DVDs and can be purchased in addition when updating from an older Cubase Version.
Its just for those who also want to have the Installation DVDs and not only a Download.


Thanks - that clears it for me - will go get my update now. :smiley:

So, is it like the “box version”?

The regular boxed version doesn’t come with DVDs, just an eLicenser dongle and a code you have to use.