What is Cubases tool that quantizes to a certain groove...

What is Cubases tool that quantizes to a certain groove…

Lets say I have a midi performance that I want to steal the groove on and apply it to other performances.

What is Cubases tool to do that?

That is a great video, thank you :slight_smile:

How do you capture a groove in a midi file? This shows how you do it in an audio file but how can you do it with a midi file so you can apply that same groove with Quantize?

“extract groove from midi”

its in the midi menu, i think…

Aloha W,

In older versions of Cubase there used to be a tool in the toolbar just for that.
It was so simple to use.

While in the Project Window (I think it was called the arrange Window back then)
you would
1-grab that tool,
2-select the MIDI part that had the groove you liked,
3-drag that part onto the part that you wanted to ‘pick-up’ that groove and release.
4-bob’s yer uncle.

This can still be done in C6 but IMHO it is now way more complicated.
Check out page 111 of the manual. ‘Create Groove Quantize Preset’.
This will get you started.