What is difference between macro and logical editor

I’m confused about macro and logical editor? Can you till the difference.

A Logical Editor Preset is where you can create new functionality within Cubase (e.g. increase velocity of every other note 6dB; duplicate selected notes an octave up; or mute all notes on channel 2 etc.).

A macro takes existing functionality (including LE & PLE presets you’ve created) and lets you execute a sequence of commands one after the other (e.g. 1. Set Locators to selected Parts, 2. Zoom to Locators, 3. Set Cursor to Left Locator).

So it’s the same?
What do you mean about (including LE & PLE presets you’ve created)

No they are quite different although it may be difficult to understand that difference in the abstract. Probably the easiest way to understand the difference is to try making a couple of LE Presets and then some Macros. Take a good look at a few of the example LE Presets that came with Cubase to see how they work.

You make Macros using the Key Commands dialog to create a series of Key Commands which are executed in sequence by the Macro you are creating. In the Key Commands there are sections named “Process Logical Preset” and "Process Project Logical Editor (yeah the names are not consistent). Initially these will be populated with the factory LE & PLE Presets that came with Cubase. You can use any Key Command and any of these Presets to construct Macros from. When you create new LE & PLE Presets they will appear as new entries in these KC Sections and they are also available to use in Macros.

Here’s an analogy (that does not survive close scrutiny).

Macros are like the steps in a recipe while the LE & PLE let you make new ingredients to use in the recipe.

Good info, But could you excuse me what do you mean about LE & PLE O,o

So the “Process Logical Preset” and “Process Project Logical Editor” is already there. But you cannot change it? Like if it was set velocity to “40” you cannot change it to “41” So the way to command like this is to use logical editor?

LE = Logical Editor (MIDI>Logical Editor…)
PLE = Project Logical Editor (Project>Project Logical Editor…)

If you have an existing LE preset to set the velocity to 40, you could edit it and save it as a new preset that sets the velocity to 50 (or whatever), and then you’ll have one for both 40 & 50.

But if you just want to change the velocity of some notes you could manually select them and edit the velocity value on the Info Line. No need to use the LE at all in that case.

I got it. But when I save my LE preset it’s appear in logical editor not in Logical editor in command key…@@ Why is this happened any idea?

What you are saving is a PLE not an LE and it is in the correct place in the Key Commands.

The interface for the Logical Editor and Project Logical Editor appear very similar (as does the Input Transformer) so at first it is easy to confuse which does what - but the interface always says at the top.

The LE manipulates MIDI Data; things like pitch & velocity values, duplicating notes, etc.

While the PLE manipulates Project level objects; like Tracks, Colors, Parts, etc.

Hey, Rodger.

I’ve been using the LE for midi stuff, but after reading this hit YouTube and watched a quick Greg Ondo tutorial on PLE. Can’t believe I’ve overlooked it all this time. What an excellent tool, especially with it’s ability to invoke macros along with all the other stuff it does.

Wouldn’t have even gone there if I hadn’t been eavesdropping on this thread, so thanks for that.

You awesome I got every thing now, Thank you Boss.

That’s great. I suspect a lot of folks ignore the ‘build your own tool’ features in Cubase because exploring it is off to the side from making music. Can you post a link to Greg’s video here.

Yeah, Greg’s definitely one of my favorites. His tutorials are always so clean and to the point, passing along a ton of useful info in just five or ten minutes.

Here’s the link.