What is exactly the path column in the Pool ? Bug in backup?

I made a backup of one project with only one audio track.
Everything runs ok but when I Open the pool for the backup project, I see my audio file -and I checked with Windows explorer it’s really there- but in the Path column there is the path to the original file in the original project ?
I was expecting path to the real file in audio folder of backup folder ?

In the doc I read
Displays the path to the location of a clip on the hard disk.

Can someone explain this ?

I think before you delete a sound file, you can choose for deleting it from the pool, or export it, that means that you save your file before you delete it in the pool.
If you bring an audio file in, like in the sampler or a sound track, then the file is placed in the pool.
You can always bring your files in later, if you remove files of the pool.
The moment you bring in a sound file, (import) you get a question.
You can choose if you want to copy the file to Project Folder.

If you do not copy the file to the Project Folder, you see the file in the Pool and the PATH is the location and file used is the original file.

if you choose to copy the file while dragging it in your sampler or Audio track, then cubase use the COPY, so you never have to worry if you put your own files to another location.
C:\Users\Your Username\Documents\cubase projects\Audio

More data your hard disk need if you copy all the files, that is why you can choose.
So when You delete a file in the pool, or remove it.
You can check that now by look in these locations.

cubase never delete your original sound files so far i know…
So that is the pool…

Thank you @Erik8 , great answer … but it is not my question.
In case I have not formulated correctly, here is the scene :

Cubase project in folder Cubase_Projects\A
One audio clip file named solo01 in Cubase_Projects\A\Audio
Path of this file in project pool Cubase_Projects\A\Audio\solo01

then I do a backup in folder B and the new project specs are
Cubase project in folder Cubase_Projects\B
One audio clip file named solo01 in Cubase_Projects\B\Audio
Path of this file in project pool Cubase_Projects\ A\Audio\solo01

Why this path to the previous audio file, is it a bug or what is the utility of this.


So you used the File > Backup Project?
I think I have seen exactly this once. From what I remember, this was a glitch and restarting Cubase solved it and the file path in the pool now showed the correct location.

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Ah oké, thanks for your clear reaction.
So the link to the file in the pool was not changed.
So then you must see a missing file if Projects\A\Audio\solo01 not exist.

What you can do is drag the file solo01 in Cubase_Projects\B\Audio to the pool.
Then you can remove Cubase_Projects\ A \Audio\solo01 out of the pool.
Then your files are linked in the pool to map B.

When using “Backup Project” all your audio files are suppose to get copied to the new project folder location. In OP’s case, the audio file was copied but the Audio Pool is showing the original file path, not the new path of the backup folder.

Not likely.

You are missing the point completely.


Exact, I restarted cubase and now the path is ok.
A very small bug, annoying because we start thinking “Is the backup fonction doing a real backup or playing with shotcuts”.
So thank you.

Yes indeed, i was checking if you could change the location in the pool for the same file used in your project.
But it seams useless now.
Anyway, i hope you get it right at the end.

Not likely.

If in this case you remove the file in location A and keep it in location B, cubase ask for missing files and then you can get the file in location B in the POOL via MISSING FILES.

That is a way to change without losing your track.
After that you copy the file the location A again if you need it there.

Well, not solved.
This morning opening a backup project from yesterday, selecting the only audio track and Finding its related file in pool I come on this.

And the file is here

So this is a bug. I remove the solution :frowning:

Which file is Cubase using : the one from mediabay or the one it crated when backuping in new folder ??

What a mess, in 2 different projects (the upper in picture taking its origin in a backup of the lower) mediabay seems to point to same physical file with different attributes (Musical Mode)

The problem here is, we can not see if you save your project to its initial destination or to a new one.
If you saved it to a new destination with “save as” or the first “save” the audio file will still be on its original position if recorded prior to the save.

I am not sure you understood what I explained.
If you know it, I am speaking of the Cubase Backup function where you select a folder, which must be empty, then cubase copies your project and files to this destination.

Well, that back-up, does work?
Because it was all about the pool.

Now what happends in Cubase when you use audio files, the location of the files you use in your project are in the pool.

Now when i put an audio file here in Cubase, the location can be 2 differnt locations:
The location of the original sounds file you see in the pool if you do not copy the audiofile while you drag or import it in your DAW.

The location of the files don’t change after you make a back-up of your project.
Your audio files linked to your tracks are registrated in the pool.
The folder:
cubase projects/audio
is the location if you choose for saving the file when you import it in Cubase.
If not, the location is where the audio file on your drive is.

So, you do not have a problem.
But, since you was question it, i can tell you that your Back-up is nice, but how do you manage the files in Cubase?

The folder Audio in cubase projects self is not a part of the back-up of 1 project.
That is more system work.
Like system back-up …

Thanks but I am not sure to understand what you explain.

For sure there is a bug in Backup and Pool because I did a backup of my project, selecting a new and empty folder, and the physical audio files have been copied in the audio folder of this new folder, but in the pool of the new project, the path column still displays the old audio files paths.

@mlib has already stated that he has encountered this bug while telling that a Cubase restart has bring Paths with correct values. But in my case a retart has not solved the pb.
I will open a ticket at Steinberg.

I’ll understand that your bug is the back-up and the pool.
I am not a developer, but i can explain to you what happends.
so, you can follow this steps for now:

when you open the pool after you opened the back-up, you told that the location in the pool where wrong.
So, that is for now, i know that is not a regular way, can solve by you, when you want to change your project back-up in the pool.

Because the pool is pointing to the wrong location in the pool.
But, thaqt only happends for the audio files, because the imported audio files are in the pool.

so if you make a back up, from A to B, as you described, the location in the pool was a, and you told that your audio files where coppied to folder B.

So then you can describe your problem better as follow:
The folder where your audio files are on your harddrive, in that pool, is the same is the original project.

When you know that, then you know that BACK-UP B use the audio files in folder A, is what you see in the pool.
So how did you copy this audio files to folder A before you make this back-up?
If you temporary chacnge the folder name from folder A in ABB, and open your back up, cubase ask for missing files.
Then you can out map B in your pool.

It is not that i can change the way cubase make this back up.
Here, the project folder and the audio file folder are not the same.
In the pool, you see the links to those files.
4 projects can use the same audio file.

Try to understand the pool first…

Ok, Thank you for the trick to recover normal operation mode.
But fact is that backup is buggy and very dangerous.

Hi csurieux, i can tell you how you can make your back-ups without using a program.
The location from the folder cubase projects on your hard drive is in windows documents standard after installing cubase.

If you copy all your projects incl the folders Audio, Images, Mixdown, Samples, Track Pictures, and the files in the folder cubase project to an extern USB drive or stick, then you have a back up, and you not have to change the locations in the pool.

For in Windows, the hidden folder C:\ProgramData
the folder Steinberg is another part that you can back-up as data, but that is the content.

If you come in a situation, that you need back-up, to restore something:
If you do as above, and you must install cubase on another computer, then you can get your project files form your extrenal drive and put that back.

So it is about a bug?
Or the pool is just a copy in that Cubase back-up?

So you don’t have to use cubase Back-up anymore.

When I backup a project to a new folder (and location) I close Cubase, bin the original project folder, then I launch the backupped project, this way I’m sure everything is fine and no files missing, otherwise Cubase would prompt for missing files.
Then I can empty the bin.

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You seem to miss the point.
There are several reasons to use the Back Up Project function in Cubase. For me, most often it works as it should. In some rare occasions however, it would appear that the Audio Pool is showing an incorrect path to the audio files. The path shown in the Audio Pool should update to the new, target location. If it doesn’t, that is an issue.

If you manually copying the project folder, as you’re suggesting, you don’t get any of the benefits offered from the Cubase function. ( Click the link above to see what those are.)

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Then it is good that we know now that you got to check the pool after make your back-up.
That cubase function in the back-up is a choice witch folders you want to back-up to another location.

Oké, i do that in the folders always.
Not only by cubase, but with all the files that i creat.
But, offcourse, that back-up function in Cubase can do that.

It is not that i want you to change your way of back-up your projects.
The data from the tracks, made by instruments comes from those vstsound files that are allready installed.
So that info is the extension cpr and bak.

The most important is that you never lose your work.
If i see a problem here in the way how i make my back-up, i shall keep you informed.
In 2004 in Cubase SX, i installed Cubase in another system with another drive letter.

Because i use windows in a multiboot.
Then i must fill in all missing files because the driveletter of the system was not C in Windows XP.
After Windows XP that changed.
when i was workng with windows 7 in a multiboot, all systems where as they start C:
But that was 20 years ago, the pool in Cubase.

I’ll even copied the whole Steinberg folder from Program Files to an external HD
I still have that on an external HD.

There are plenty more options available than just assigning a new project folder. If you’d follow the link I posted, you would have known.

But we are very specifically talking about audio here.

This is just one of the benefits of using the Back Up Project function in Cubase, it updates the paths of the audio files in the pool for you.

There are more reasons to use Back Up Project than actually performing a back-up of the files. I personally think its name is a bit misleading.

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