What is going on E licencer?

I have just recovered from an ear infection and gleefully hoping to get back to music.- THEN!!—

Yes my download assistant is working , but my e-licenser is asking for my activation code afer i done maintainance etc
Has the usb licenser been stopped now?
So i have Cubase 11 not opening now and i am stumped.
Any help appreciated as i fee l angry about this and no way to fix it.
I see my activation code in My products online but nothing is recognized as me owning it when i try to ue the activation code for Cubase 11. Just pure frustration.

All the best

  • There is nothing going on that wasn’t going on before your ear infection.
  • If you don’t need to download software, you have no need to open the Download Assistant.
  • As is well known and reposted scores of times in the forum, activation codes work once only – when you first activate the software you bought.

Did you run the ELC to observe at the info provided there?

Hi Steve
unless my memory has gone ,i am completely stumped
I have only Cubase 9.5 now for some reason on my E licenser only when i look online at my products.
My activation code is showing in there for Cubase 11 pro.
This is confusing .

All the best

post an image of your elicenser

make sure you are launching the product that you have a current license for

I have run the e-licencser and done maintainance and that is ok but i have nothing showing and still cannot open Cubase 11

You’re saying there are no licenses on your USB Elicenser?

Understand that forum members are not in your head. So don’t assume anything is known – give the info with the assumption that no one is familiar with your situation. which is the case.

Post an image of your elicenser program.

Looks like your USB elicenser is not connected.

Hi Steve
why i do not know this happened.
Your information is correct as i pulled out the licencer and plugged it back in and it is working again.
I feel a bit of a dongle!! I do not now why the licencer became not plugged in. I must have a ghost in my house!!! A naughty one.

Sorry for bothering you steve and thankyou for your help and patience
I started Cubase and had this-----
Safe mode–
pressesd ok and Cubase 11 started fine. I do not know what that means , but it is something my machine did not like for some reason.

All the Best

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That will be because of the previous failures to load Cubase when your dongle wasn’t plugged in I imagine, so it started in Safe mode as a precaution.

You shouldn’t see it next time, hopefully.


hi Ski
Thank you for the information
I get one of those screens sometimes with Ozone 9.
If you flick between reference file and your own a lot and go to gain match whilst playing, Cubase totally disappears of the screen until you get that screen come up again and reboot. The problem is Ozone 9. Now i stop the prgram on certain moves as it may be operating too fast using processing power. I do not get it so much now. I do have good fast I7 computer.
Can be annoying sometimes .other than that all good in Windows 11.

All the Best

Windows does try to manage USB ports. I usually go in and make sure all of my are constantly active. I dislike it when Windows shuts my ports down during periods of disuse. Sometimes my USB port settings are changed after updates/upgrades to the OS.

Hi Reberclark
Thanks for the tip.
I check those settings and they we enabled , so i have disabled them.
Windows do upset a lot of settings when big updates happen. I agree there.

All the best

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Refresh the …eLicenser Control Center ! i fix it !

Hi Angelo

The refresh did not work for me.
Rebercark hit the nail on the head as i had an ear infection and did not use anything for two weeks. Switched on computer and Cubase would not work.
The E-licencer was blank
Steve tried to help and came up "I think your USB is not connected after i sent a picture of E licencer.
I then unplugged the USB licenser and plugged it back in and all was ok.
So Reberclark pointed out the USB settings may have changed because Windows can reset them if machine is not used for a while.So I changed manage USB ports to back unabled
We do not want Windows managing everything for us.

“We just restarted your computer while you had your back turned!”… [Bangs head against wall] :face_with_spiral_eyes:

“Sausages”!! :rofl: