What is going on here ?!

Hey fellow music makers,

Okay, so … i recorded a simple guitar loop in Pro Tools

… Then i took the recorded audio, and dragged & dropped it into Cubase. Suddenly, the pitch & tempo of the recording is slower from the original recording.

I double clicked the WAV file on the arrangement, then unchecked “Musical Mode” and still no luck ?

Additionally, before starting the project, i set the Cubase BPM to the same BPM as the recorded guitar part.

I just want the original tempo, original pitch to play back in Cubase :cry:

Anyways, Thanks in advanced ! You guys been showing me love & i really appreciate y’all looking out for me. :smiley:

P.S The reason i did’t record it directly into Cubase is because i don’t have a mic :cry: so i had to go to my bro’s studio where he uses Pro Tools for recording audio.

Aloha a,

You might want to check the sample rate and bit depth settings.


16 bit depth
44.1 kHz sample rate


24 bit depth
96.00 kHz sample rate

etc etc etc

Make sure the settings are the exactly same across both apps
or you may experience timing probs.

(hope this helps)

and if you ask nicely enough, perhaps you can borrow you brothers mic from time to time. :slight_smile:

First i’d like to say, thank you for the speedy response Curteye :slight_smile:

Brilliant, i’ll definitly ask him next time ! As well as check out the sample rate and bit depth settings.

Thanks and hope you have a great rest of your evening. Peace :smiley: