What is going wrong with the harp?

Hello, something seems to be wrong with the instrument „Harp“ - at least I can not create a Harp with 1 staff:

If I try to add this instrument, it will not show up in either Galley or Page View.
If I try to change any other instrument to „Harp, 1 staff“, Doroco will crash instantly.
Is this a bug in Dorico or is it just my file?
Gluck - La tendresse.dorico.zip (1.55 MB)
The strange thing: if I start a completely new project, the harp will only add as a double staff instrument…
I am curious: why is the Harp part of „Pitched Percussion“ instruments?

I suspect you’ve renamed another pitched percussion instrument “harp” then saved as default in another project.

pianoleo, I have not… Which would be the correct family, where the harp should reside?

The two versions of Harp (1 staff, 2 Staves) do only appear in that one file, strangely enough…

You’re right - the harp does appear to live in Pitched Percussion. My guess is that that “makes sense” in terms of where harps normally go in an orchestral score. I can’t generate a 1 stave harp, but you should be able to generate a 2 stave harp and then remove a staff at bar 1.

pianoleo, thank you for taking your time.
One question: if you open my file in the first message (Gluck - La tendresse.dorico.zip), does it show a one staff harp as an option in instruments?

Yes, and it instantly crashes if I try to change any instrument to “1 staff Harp”.

I have to confess that I started with an .xml file imported from PhotoScore Ultimate. That might explain the interesting Harp 1 staff/2 Staved options which possibly lead Dorico into crashing - as they are not implemented in Dorico natively.
I don’t know, wether providing the crash log makes sense under these circumstances…

I would guess the original MusicXML file would be more use to the Dorico development team than the crash log, if you have a reproducible way to cause the crash.