What is Included?

i just bought my own copy of Cubase 6 and would like to know what is included? Is the Halion Sonic SE included with a full version?


Cubase 6
HSO Trial
Halion Sonic 1.5 Retail Trial DVD 1&2
The Grand 3 SE Trial
Cubase 6 Tutorial DVD

Halion Sonic SE is a part of Cubase (artist) 6. It is not a standalone program.



Trial, not trail!


WOW…So the only full version is Cubase 6 itself. WOW :frowning:

What is the difference between Halion Sonic SE and Halion Sonic 1.5?

Halion Sonic SE is a smaller version.
Halion Sonic Trial is the full version but only a trial.
I think you can run if for 15 days or so :slight_smile:

90 days :wink:

90 days sounds fair. I guess I’ll have to spend some extra bucks again. Quick question, i have a dongle that came with Cubase Essential 5. Can i use activate my Cubase 6 with it?

I have only 60 days trial?

If you bought the upgrade from essential 5 to C6 or artist then you will need to use the dongle you have already as upgrades do not include a new one
If for any reason you bought the full version it will come with a new dongle.

You could use either but first you’ll need to update the license over the internet.

I’m a brand new customer so I may be asking a dumb question: What is included with the Artist version? I thought it also included an HSO Trial, but I don’t see that as a separate disc nor do I have a code to activate it. I received trial codes for Cubase Full version, HALion Sonic, Grand 3SE, and Wavelabe Elements 7. Does that sound right?

Thanks for any help,

Apparently I’m not the only one who is confused here:

This screenshot from Feb 11, 2011 says the HSO Instrument Set came with Cubase Artist 6.

This screenshot from Feb 15, 2011 doesn’t mention Cubase Artist 6.

As an amateur there is a lot of other stuff in Cubase Artist to keep me busy, but this trial and special price actually was a major selling point for me.

I’m sure there was an announcement posted somewhere explaining this change, so if you could point me to it, I’ll join that discussion. If there was no announcement, I’ll take a copy of the meeting minutes where it was decided not to post an announcement - that should be a fun read :wink: