What is Instant print preview?

This thread talks about instant print preview.

What is that? I can’t find it in the manual (3.5.12).

Are they just talking about the Print tab?

It’s in the manual here.

See here: Tip: Instant Print Preview – Dorico

It’s the fact that pressing @ key, every UI signs (signposts, coloured voices, etc.) disappear and you see the music how it’s going to be printed, on your screen. I think it was introduced in 3.5.10, so you should find it in the version history.
Edit: sorry, both answers before mine did not show up in my mail box, and of course my @ key is the French key, which is not the “official” one (and probably not the OP’s keyboard layout).

BTW, the manual isn’t quite correct here as “you can also hide/show individual non-printing elements permanently” isn’t true with Chord Symbol Regions. I suspect this is an error in implementation rather than an error in documentation, but in any case there’s no way to hide the purple bar at the top of a chord symbol region other than using print preview. Turning off Highlight Chord Symbol Regions removes the highlighting of the measures, but not the purple bar on top unfortunately so there’s no other way for users to hide it.

That’s true, but I’m not sure that one specific instance needs to be clarified in what is essentially an “fyi” pointer to the linked topics below :slight_smile:

… and hopefully will be correct in the next version :smiley: