What is LCC?

I am running Cubase 8.5 and have previously used Cubase 5 without too many problems. when I turn it on I get a message, soft e-licencer does not have enough permissions to run properly. Please run LCC to fix this problem. I have not got a clue what this means. I paid full retail price for my DAW, so surely I must have all the permissions I need!

I ignore this and plough on, but find that every time I try to do something in Cubase, it either does not, 1. Do it properly. 2.Does not do it at all, Or,3.
performs the task differently each time. It’s driving me nuts.

I should say, in fairness, It could be me, as I am 69 and know very little about computers, but how did I manage with Cubase 5 and yet cannot seem to handle Cubase 8.5?

You were running Cubase 5 and don´t know what LCC is? :astonished:
LCC = License control center" - it´s the software that controls the Cubase copy protection…

The info and much more is found on the Steinberg support page…


Regards :sunglasses: