What is Multi Mode?

Hello - Can anyone tell me what “Multi Mode” is and why it is not included with H5 but is included in what I would consider its little brother, HS2?

I don’t own either of these (yet :mrgreen: ) and am just curious.

Excellent question that I don’t even know the answer too, but have been wondering for awhile now. Can someone in the know, kindly fill us in? :sunglasses:

In HS2 you can build out a complete workstation instance and save it as a multi … Then, you can build a list of multis for automation recall. I played with it for about 20 minutes. I’m not sure what use it would be from an automation standpoint as it still takes a long time to load 12 to 16 slots with all the FX etc… but if you were between songs in a set, it would save you the search process.

Maybe I’m missing something, but this doesn’t seem like a feature really.

Thanks. Are these Multis internal to HS2 – we’re not talking about interfacing with Cubase and setting up channels automatically are we? If not, isn’t a Multi just a patch that can be saved and loaded? When you setup up different aux buses, channels, MIDI channels inside H5, can you not save all of that as a single patch and recall it later? It sounds like you can do that in H5 but Multi Mode would let you automate loading these patches? Correct?

Yes internal to HS2. No, H5 cant’ do exactly the same thing, but it can do similar. But, it isn’t a patch … a patch is really tied to something you load in a slot. A multi is multiple slots. But unless I’m totally missing something I could already save this as a preset and recall it. It seems the new part is the Multi-list for automation. Which just seems like a frivolous thing to call a feature.

But again, I just messed around with the multi window for a few minutes and didn’t see anything interesting. That doesn’t mean there isn’t something hanging around in the dialog that will cause me to face palm down the road.