What is "noteheadXBlackQuarter"?

In the “Edit Notehead Sets” editor there is a Category “Crosses”.
In both Sub Categories “X and Circle Noteheads” and “X and Diamond Noteheads” one can find a notehead with the name noteheadXBlackQuarter.

I can’t find this glyphname either in the smufl-browser or in the SMuFL specification: https://w3c.github.io/smufl/gitbook/
What is the unicode for this glyph?

Could it be that this is falsely labelled ind Dorico and it is simply U+E0A9 - noteheadXBlack ?

I am also unable to find these two other noteheads:

noteheadXBlackQuarter is indeed U+E0A9. noteheadDiamondMinimaWhite is U+E93C. noteheadSlashDiamondWhiteWholeOversized is U+F4E7.

Thanks a lot Daniel.