What is "PAT_SMT_100" in the Download directory?

I installed, on a new macbook: dorico, the bundled halion, iconica sketch, etc. on internal drive. The Downloads folder was clean. Then I installed Iconica Opus (always warned as “Too Big, so will only Download to Target Directory”). Now this file PAT_SMT_100_Content_Set.vstsound is in my Downloads folder. Library Manager claims it is already registered. Why is it there in my Downloads and why registered there?

The Sonic 7.1 installer did not delete the dmg for itself probably because I manually told it not to remove itself.

I believe I should be able to delete the entire Downloads/Steinberg directory tree from Downloads and have no ill effects; but this vstsound file is there, so I won’t until I figure out what it is:

I have the same question, I just installed Dorico 5 in my new MacBook and I want to know if I can delete de full folder.
Hope someone who knows can answer us. Thanks