What is planned for Wavelab 10?

Just wondering what is being planned for Wavelab 10 and when it might be available. Everything is working great in WL 9.5 but I m always interested in what the next big update will bring. I have been a loyal WL user since WL 6. Thanks in advance!

As you certainly already know, Steinberg is not publishing roadmaps. Simply, “10” is a round number, hence there is a wish to have a “big” update. Which also means time.
IOW, heavy work is taking place, but be patient.



I’m too am excited to see what’s around the corner… :slight_smile:

Creeping featurism is always a problem, especially when you have hundreds of thousands of users, with millions of different workflow expectations. I like to focus on some of the simpler day-to-day tasks, but better and faster, and the most supportive user interface. (My standard example is the routine task of “de-umming” and “de-erring” in speech editing.) The other standout feature of WaveLab as evolved is its metering and analysis options.

I understand WL was originally valued for its speed and accuracy, being originally skillfully programmed in assembler. When it went cross platform, I assume it went to a higher level language which allowed cross compiling but maybe adding to the “weight” by relying on large libraries. Faster processors and larger memories made the loss of efficiency less important. The programmers also gained from the ease of maintenance.

Any thoughts about a review of “under the hood” structural improvements to revive the performance paradigm? Maybe this just has been part of the normal ongoing development. Maybe other users value different aspect of the program. But yes, it is always exciting to anticipate the “new” thing just over the horizon …

Just like the Sistine Chapel “When will it be finished?” “When it is finished!”

We can speculate, but I am sure we will not be told.

In the line of speculation, what updates would require “heavy” work? Perhaps much extended automation; but certainly comprehensive multichannel file handling - However, I’ve speculated this before and it turned out that it wasn’t the time…

Thanks PG. I am sure what ever you and your team come up with will be GREAT!