what is possible with the human voice


I want one of those! :stuck_out_tongue:

sugar bytes turnado , great fx

Fascinating. Don’t forget it’s Beardyman though, he can make anything look easy. Guy is a legend.

Do most of it with Turnado by Sugar Bytes, Loopy HD, and Voice Synth by QNEO. I noticed Sugar Bytes built a lot of his stage rig. I think I see three iPads and a laptop. The hardware looks like it’s all keyboards and interfaces.

Here’s one I did with Turnado, DM1, Samplr and Cubasis. It’s all just my voice. No instruments.

IPads Rule!

ipad smypad , the turnado is a great fx ive been using it since it was released on the base station and the way you can lfo and sync just about everything and then use the dictator to control your 8 fx’s is really good but I have to say I think sugar bytes have hit a bit of a dead end as all these fx are available in their Cyclops ,effectrix ,turnado and now wow2 …May be they are running out of idea’s now