What is recommended tower?

It’s time to replace my G4 with an Intel Pro but I have to buy refurbished. I have read and do understand the posts on the subject but I’m still not clear on my best option for my circumstance as follows.

I have a MOTU 24i interfaced with a PCI-424 which I am happy with so I obviously want to retain that. (No laptop for me). I want to upgrade to Cubase 6. I often run as few as 16 tracks but with dynamics, FX and inline processors like Mic Modeller, B4 organ and Autotune heavily utilized.

Obviously bigger is better/ faster etc but is it worth the extra $650? Can anyone make a recommendation? 2.0; 2.66 or 3.0GHz? 2 x 2.6 or 3.0? (or is that the same thing ?) Two Quad Core 1GB or 2GB?

I appreciate every input.

Aloha B,

Because you used your MOTU device with a G4
(which uses a PPC processor) check with the MOTU folks
to see if they have new drivers for a new Mac
which will have a 64bit Intel processor and use
10.7.2 (lion) and no Rosetta support.

Because I do this for a living I have always used a top-of-the-line Mac
tower, but these days a TOTL iMac works just fine for me.

1-I have recorded/played back 40 stereo audio tracks
with 12 VSTI’s (SampleTank/NI/VST Collection)
for over ten minutes with nooooo probs.

2-24 VSTI’s with 12 stereo audio tracks (10 minutes)
Also noooo probs.

All this on the internal drive (7200)

To be fair all of this was done using 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard).
Using 10.7.2 (lion) things are a bit more problematic.

But not because of the Mac or Cubase 6.
The prob now is new drivers are needed for my Yamaha n12

HTH (hope this helps)