What is saved in the save dialog, upon quitting Halion 6?

I’m a new user of Halion 6. Upon quitting Halion, I get the - Do you want to save? - paraphrased, dialog. What, exactly, is Halion saving and where, within the macOS, is Halion saving it? I recognize that Halion is saving into a folder called “Multis” but I have other music software from different manufacturers whose files are also written into folders with the same “Multis” name. I’m really quite surprised to find that information as important as this isn’t even mentioned in the Halion 6 User’s Manual. Does anyone know this? I would like to know what it’s writing and where it writes that data so that, maybe, I can recall setups, find samples, etc. However, I’m not even sure how I would do this except through, maybe, the Import/Export functions in the Program Tree. Please, help!