What is saved where?

This is probably a dumb question, but I wasn’t able to find a comprehensive explanation in the manuals (although they did open my eyes to quite a few things I had missed before):

What exactly is saved in which kind of file?

For example, if I want to edit an audio project on a different PC (or in a new version of Wavelab), what do I need to copy in order to achieve the same results? For example, I tried to open an audio montage I had created in WL 9.5 in WL 11, and while the montage itself (clips/fades etc.) was preserved, none of the master section effects were retained.

I tried saving the current state as a project, but also, the master effects weren’t there anymore when I opened that project in WL 11. So I guess I need to save the project and a master section preset? Would it be any different if I used clip/track/output effects instead (i. e. would those be saved as part of a montage, or would I have to save presets for those as well)?

Thanks for bearing with me,

The montage and the Master Section are independent entities. The Master Section is shared among all files and montages. The project does not save the Master Section.
There is the option to embed the Master Section preset inside a montage, but this saving (and loading procedure), is manual, not automatic.
The Master Section is usually used for audio file processing, not montage processing, which has an output stage. The only interest of the Master Section for audio montage works is the Resampler and the Playback processing plugins.
The will be some improvements in the future to streamline all this.

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Thanks a lot, PG!

I must admit that I had never noticed the Effects window (now Inspector) before, so I seem to have “abused” the master section instead…

So, if I place my effects in the clip/track/output section of the Inspector, their configuration will be saved with the montage file?

Yes, this is it.

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This is precisely why I avoid the Master Section for any plugins related to the project. It’s too easy for something to go wrong and the settings are missing or corrupt.

For my brain, making an Audio Montage for everything whether it’s a single song or full album works better for me because everything is saved with the .mon file.

It’s important to note that unless format conversion is needed and new files are made by WaveLab, the montage does not make copies of the files so it’s important to manage your project folder in a way that any needed source files are in a logical place.

Some DAWs like Logic Pro will make copies of any loaded files to a new folder but WaveLab Audio Montage simply references the files and new files are only made if for example, you have montage at X sample rate by load in a file that is Y sample rate, then it creates a new file in the “Data” folder.

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