What is Set Event Color To Track really supposed to do? (Cubase 11 Pro)

If I select some events on a track and click on “Select Color for Selected Tracks or Events” it brings up a palette of colors. If I click on a color in the palette, the selected tracks immediately turn that color. If I exit the palette at that point the events remain that color, so fine. But the Manual sez:

You can set the color of events or parts to the track color. This is useful if you colorized events or parts with the Color tool and you want them to follow the track color again.
1. In the Project window, select the event or part that you want to set to the track color.
2. On the Project window toolbar, click Select Color for Selected Tracks or Events.
3. In the Colorize pane, click Set Event Color to Track.

But if I do that last step, click Set Event Color To Track, the selected parts turn gray!

What’s up with that?

Thanks in advance.

because your track has not a set color? if your track is red, then your event will be red too

you can set a color for a track, every event that doesn’t have an own color set will have that color.
you will have to select a track for this and by clicking on the empty background make sure you haven’t selected any part/event selected for this to work.
you can also set a color for single events, maybe you want give one event a special color.
if you want to reset that color, that’s what “set event color to track” is for.
you could give it the same color as the track manually, but then it would stick to it if you decide to change the track color later.

tl;dr: probably you haven’t set a track color because some event was still selected.


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