What is Spectralayers Pro LC?

Can someone please say what is LC?

I just purchased Magix Sound Forge Pro Suite 13 and received this ‘‘SpectraLayers Pro 7 LC’’ license along with it.

Can I upgrade from this license to, for example, version 8 if it comes to that, Or am I locked with Magix?

I’m not sure, but you should be fine with the future Steinberg upgrades.

Thank you so much. I hope that is correct.

Did you get an answer on this as i have bought a version of SL 7 pro and it also has LC at the end of my licence , is this version a full version of SL ?

Well, I downloaded the full version of SL PRO 7 and it is running perfectly so far. Other than that, I can neither confirm nor deny the future upgrades to, for example, Pro 8.

Hi .
Yes i’m the same , i have been using every function which proves to me this is the full licence , i was worried that LC stood for Limited Content . We will still have to wait and see .
I think as it’s full licence they can’t not allow us to have the standard upgrade path to SL8


I have just received an email back from support which I only opened yesterday which i think is pretty amazing.
So basically It’s fine .
Here’s a screenshot of the reply [*]


Fantastic. Thank you so much for the update. :purple_heart:

Your welcome ,now we can sleep to night :laughing: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

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