What is "Steinberg Log Uploader.app"? (10.1)

What is “Steinberg Log Uploader.app”? And there is a new component “usagelogger.bundle”. Does it try to send user data to Steinberg or other destinations without asking the user?

I was wondering the same. Every time I close Nuendo this little app gets launched and bounces on my task bar for 5 seconds before disappearing again. It’s a little bit annoying.

Any word on this?

Yes, just noticed this here too after quitting. STEINBERG! What is this app and what information is this sending??

Dear all,

Thank you for the hint. This is actually a bug. The Steinberg LogUploader is a bug-tracking tool we use only for Beta-testing purposes. Unintentionally and accidentally, this small application made its way into the release version of the 10.1 maintenance update on the macOS installer.

We have just released a new version of the 10.1 update that will remove this testing tool on macOS systems, where it has already been installed. It is already available via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

To replace your current installation with this new version you first have to delete the Nuendo 10.1 installer from your Downloads folder, otherwise the SDA won’t download the new version. You can also continue using the current installation without adverse effects.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused.