What is Steinberg's stance on Rewire and 64 bit?

Please fess up stienberg, tell us what the hell is going on, will our platforms be able to continue at 64 bits?

… Well seeing as Prop heads are behind rewire and AFAIK they have no plans whatsoever to produce a 64Bit version.
I have no idea weather it would be possible to incorporate RW32 into C 64Bit though…

Propellerheads about Reason 6 that will be out soon: “…64-bit support, better ReWire handling through individual outs on every channel,…”

It doesn’t mean that there will be a 64 bit version of rewire, but…

There’s no question the release of Reason 6, sept 30th, does mean exactly that (5th question down):-


Ahh, good to get that one sorted :laughing:


Is ReWire going to be 64-bit too?

Just as Reason 6 and Reason Essentials, ReWire will be 64-bit too. Note that 64-bit ReWire needs to be implemented in both the slave application (Reason 6, Reason Essentials) and your host. > Please contact the manufacturer of your ReWire host of choice for compatibility information> .

So I understand that Rewire 64 bit will work on Reason 6, but what about Cubase 5/6. It seems apparent that Steinberg will need to specifically update Rewire on THEIR end to enable compatibility with Rewire 64 bit Programs.

Would be kinda cool if steiny and others support it… on a 64Bit system… woohoo!!! :laughing:

I cannot imagine they won’t eventually get around to it. They (and almost all other DAW publishers) did for 32 bit, right?

Rewire … even though it’s been a crash-o-matic feature … is undoubtedly a ‘value added’ DAW function. Maybe it will actually work in 64bit with the added memory and multicore horsepower.

I’ve always dreamed of seamlessly porting my acidized track collection, key and tempo synced to Cubase.

Yeah, I know, you can set the project key in Cubase and use Media Bay … but the Acid Pro interface is a lot friendlier.


I’ve never had any serious problems with ReWire using Cubase as a host except for slight sync problems from Cubase 6 (?), which will now be resolved according to this evenings announcement about the comming Cubase 6.0.3 update.

Helge Vogt about ReWire: “Improved playback/transport synchronicity using Reason, respectively for ReWire connected applications.”

He doesn’t say anything about supporting 64bit rewire, but that doesn’t worry me at all. I bet Steinberg will make it work pretty soon.

How did I know that Steiny wouldn’t even look at the thread, they don’t read the forums :imp: :imp: :imp:

I wouldn’t worry either, if I knew that Steinberg WAS going to continue ReWire and a partership with PH. I have no idea what the relationship has been with current implementation, but from what I assume, developing 64-bit would require extra time to make it happen - something not likely to continue if the two companies are not working towards common goals.

Rewire … even though it’s been a crash-o-matic feature …

I’ve never experienced a single crash directly related to Rewire (at least in a last few years).

Using Cubase/Nuendo/Reason/Record 24/7.


Hello Beerbong,

How did I know that Steiny wouldn’t even look at the thread, they don’t read the forums

At least in my case I do not reply that much, but we are reading… trust me :wink:


Hello guys,

We are in contact with the Propellerhead guys to get the ReWire 64-bit compatibility inside Cubase, but this won’t happen for 6.0.3.

Your input is greatly appreciated!


Thanks Carlos!
That’s good to know :smiley:

thanks alot guys, any chance we could see stereo Rewire tracks as well?


“stereo rewire tracks” is the thing i miss most. rewire is not very comfortable without stereo channels. but i would never abstain from Reason. it`s a great pity that it´s not possible to create stereo channels, but funnily enough it was possible with cubase sx :question: