What is the advantage to Cubase 10 preventing me from dragging audio into a VSTi?

I have never found the advantage to Cubase in Windows doing windowing in an abnormal way, preventing users from dragging audio into VSTi’s like Superior Drummer, which invite us to drag audio into them. In Cubase, I put Superior Drummer on a track, open the Superior Drummer window, go to the Tracker tab. My audio file is waiting for me in the Windows File Explorer that’s behind Cubase. I click the Explorer tab in the Windows taskbar to raise Explorer so I can drag my audio, and in response, Cubase hides the Superior Drummer window from me, preventing me from producing music.

In contrast, my three other DAW’s simply allow me to drag audio from Explorer to Superior Drummer, without getting strange about it.

Can I upload a screen-capture to illustrate? No, because Cubase hides the Superior Drummer window once again when I raise the screen-capture software from behind Cubase.

My experience here is nothing like people in the Cubase promotional videos. They’re so happy, and they’re able to produce music. I am on death’s door, using my final time trying to publish music, and doing this instead.

Found the solution. If you want Superior Drummer to remain on top, you must turn OFF “Always on Top”. Thanks for that, Steinberg, very tricky.

This happens on the Mac too but I found if you hold the sample you’re dragging in, over the project window for around two to three seconds, the vsti appears again and you can drop it in.