What is the Audio Leveling Standard for DVD Movies?

Hi everyone!

I’m almost done with a short movie project that will go onto DVD and was wondering if anyone knows what is the appropriate leveling standard used in this format (for eveything from audio to dialog and SFX). I use the K-Metering system but my projects never end up on DVD. So what do you guys use for this?

Thanks in advance!

Would also really like to know this?
Is it different for different countries/regions?

here in the UK I work to -6 peak.


Hi, be careful with the dB thing.

I recommend “Mastering Audio - Bob Katz”.

Youwill find what you seek there.

Cheers, Ernst

PS.: “Peak” value does not tell you anything about loudness. K-System-Metering is relevant for all of you.
(Also described in the book and various online articles)


Try the Nuendo forum people there is doing this for living
and know about audio levels in DVD etc

here is good start as well


regards S-EH

Hey guys!

Thanks for the replies. I had posted the same question over at the SoundsOnline forums and got a response with the following link:


There’s a BUNCH of good info there about everything there is to know regarding monitoring and mixing levels for Film, TV, DVD, Commercials, etc.