What is the best location to save projects in my situation?


I’m new to Cubase. Have Cubase 10 Pro. Have an SSD PCIe for main drive for the Cubase program and my Native Instruments programs. 2nd installed drive is only a 5400 RPM SATA drive. I do have a native Thunderbolt 3 port. I’ve connected a Samsung X5 SSD external Thunderbolt 3 drive. I have my Native Instruments sample library on it.

What is my best option for where I should store my Cubase project folders and files? I will mostly do midi stuff for the near future, but I will do audio file stuff at some point.

I would assume that the main SSD C drive and the secondary 5400rpm drive aren’t good options. This leaves me to choose between using the Thunderbolt 3 sample library drive, or connecting another external drive (maybe an SSD one).

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Projects, especially with midi only data take up very little storage space. Once you start to export your tracks to audio and especially to 96khz and above you’ll need a lot more storage and with an extreme amount of tracks and plugins you may notice performance needs will increase also. In your case I would just put them on the 5400rpm drive. Even these drives are in general fast enough to handle tens of audio tracks simultaneously. You can test this yourself by creating a test project and increase the number of audio tracks and see how far it will go?