What is the best video codec to ask the editor?

For the new project I got MPEG4 - AVC coding - 3000Kbps - HD.
Now, it is kind of heavy for the NUENDO and make some stops and glitches.

What is the best, reliable and common video that will work good with N6?
Any good and bad experiences?

You need a format that have fully rendered frames, with other codecs it is within the decoding process (playback) that the “missing” frames are recalculated. That is why it brings Nuendo to it’s knees.
Convert it to a format that is intended for editing such as Avid dnx36, Apple prores or Photo Jpeg.


It could depend on the video card you are using…
I can tell you what I use with a Blackmagic Intensity. I ask for “Apple Pro Res (Proxy)” or “DNxHd”. They will be very big in size (more then 10 GB for 90 min ), but Nuendo will love it. (It looks like the higher the compression the harder for the DAW).
If I have to get the picture via download I ask for H264. But even then it should not be too compressed (will still have 3-4 GB). If i use H264 with under 1 GB for 90 min Nuendo/Blackmagic will not like it. I will then turn it into a “DNxHd”.
That is on Mac. Don’t know if it is the same on PC.


I dont have the time for another exchange, I’ll do it myself with “Compressor”. I’m trying the Apple Pro res.

Wow. Apple Pro res made it so smooth.


I agree with all of the previous answers. I’m using MJPEG here: light, compatible and reliable.