What is the best way to create a new project from 1 song alr

I have Elements 8 latest. Win 10 x64

What is the best way to create a new project from 1 song already in another project.

The original project has about 30 songs and I just one in another project. It has 10 tracks which I want in the new project.


From other forum got this answer…

Save with a new name then delete all I don’t need and resave. Did this and all okay.


As long as you understand that save as is saving only the project cpr with reference to the original audio files.

If you wanted to make this new project self contained with a copy of the audio (or sections of) then you would have to use a combination of the linked method with backup project to new folder where you can choose to remove unused audio files or even to minimize audio files (clipping the original down to the size of the events in the project window - don’t do this is editing isn’t absolutely finalised)