What is the best way to export multiple wavs

So I have a single 3 hour mono audio file I need to break up by chapters and export each chapter individually as its own wav. What is the fastest way to do this?

Thank you

I’d create a set of Cycle Markers, one for each chapter. Then in the Export Audio dialog you can use those Markers to select which section gets exported.


Perfect thanks!

How do you create a “set”? I can only set one cycle with the markers…?

I’d suggest taking a peek at the chapter on Markers in the OPs Manual for details on how to create, use & manage both Position & Cycle Markers.

Off the top of my head I’m guessing you are not using Markers at all and are confusing them with Locators.

I mean… I know how to create a left and right locator cycle … but there seems to be a suggestion here that you can create multiple “sets” of cycles …?

Never mind! I get it now. Thanks!