What is the best way to notate a chant line?

Hello, is there a good way to draw the chant line in Dorico, as in this picture?
Best, if one could also put a long text underneath.

I would suggest using a custom line, attached to the middle staff position. Add a note as well, so that you can add lyrics to the note, and hide it (either by making it translucent or by scaling it down to 1% size).

Could you not simply use the double whole note, rather than a line over all the text? Any chant that I’ve ever seen that has a reciting tone either repeats the pitch for each word (too cluttered) or just presents a normal reciting tone. Here’s one engraving I did, where I used the double whole, and just changed the glyph. It is quite clear how it is to be sung, no lines required.


Thank you Daniel, I used your method and got quite a visible result - it will need some more fine-tuning though

Hello Romanos, this looks very elegant indeed, may be I should try this, too.
Where exactly did you change the glyph of the double note?

That looks more like a multi-bar rest to me, and it’s way too heavy. I like @Romanos401’s idea better. Or just use a (square) regular open breve.


In this particular case:

  1. go to notehead editor
  2. select the double-whole and click the pen icon to edit
  3. change the settings to Arial, italic, and select the hyphen glyph
  4. scale to 315% and position so it renders correctly (this will take a little trial and error, or you can use the settings in my screenshot)

If you don’t like the slants at either side, use the regular arial rather than italic.

Alternatively, just use the double whole note. Personally, I prefer the round with a single line, rather than two, as it looks less cluttered.